Study Shows AI Baseball Sports Picks Outperform Experts

AI Is Changing Everything, Including Sports!

For many Major League Baseball (MLB) fans, the thrill of an overtime win or the gut-wrenching pain of a last-second loss is only part of the draw that captivates millions each week. Numerous side ventures centered on fantasy baseball, Pick-Em leagues, player statistics and more have created a game within the game that many find more enticing than the game itself. More fans are noticeably turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) sports predictions to win their fantasy leagues, impress their friends, and gain deep insights to get a leg up on their competition.

The team at LeansAI, a firm specializing in AI sports predictions, have created a proprietary AI algorithm they call ‘Remi’ which is outperforming many expert MLB prediction sources and personalities. “We recently conducted a study over a five year span involving dozens of experts who release weekly MLB predictions,” said Mr. Chase, a data scientist with LeansAI. “Our study found over the five year span, the best MLB insiders were able to make correct MLB expert picks around 52% of the time, with the top MLB expert being correct 53.9% of the time. The study was constrained to games that are considered ‘toss-ups’, where there’s value to create separation in a pick-em league for instance.”

“Contrarily” said Mr Chase, “the LeansAI algorithm has to date been correct around 57% of the time at making MLB computer picks, which is 3-4% better than the top MLB expert picks today. The AI performance over MLB insiders and experts might not seem like much, but 4% can be the difference between first place and middle of the pack in a league or strategy. It goes to show there’s a bright future using computer picks for MLB games today and in the future.”

If LeansAI has anything going for them, it’s the ability to crunch millions of data-points and build everything from historical statistical deviances to player forecasts into each prediction. Additionally, LeansAI has discovered their algorithm has the ability to find non-intuitive results that are sometimes the opposite of what someone ‘thinks should happen’. “As soon as we take humans out of the loop,” said Mr. Chase, “we get much more reliable predictions.”

The team at LeansAI admits the process isn’t perfect, but LeansAI doesn’t shy away from their performance history. “We publish every single past prediction, win or lose, so subscribers to our service can see we’re far more focused on data and transparency than on upselling a crystal ball that doesn’t yet exist,” said Mr. Chase.

Subscribers to LeansAI get on average one to four ‘Leans’ per day showing an exact probability on how strongly a game leans. New users can also sign up for free MLB picks today to get a feel for how Remi works. The MLB AI picks generated by LeansAI are released each gameday and provide pick-em, fantasy, analytics gurus, and more an inside edge on data driven strategies from AI sports picks that make the game inside the game more exhilarating than ever before.

AI algorithms analyze vast amounts of data and create complex models that predict the outcome of a game. By analyzing different variables, the program calculates the probability of a team winning or losing. MLB computer picks are incredibly accurate, and their success rate is impressive. The accuracy of the picks is based on the strength of the AI algorithms and the quality of the data being analyzed.

AI Sports Picks are becoming increasingly popular among sports bettors because they provide a level of accuracy that traditional handicapping methods cannot match. These picks are generated using vast amounts of data that are analyzed quickly and accurately. This provides valuable insights into the likely outcome of a baseball game.

The Leans AI algorithm Remi uses data and statistics from hundreds of sources and historical databases. As such, millions of data points combine to provide daily AI sports betting predictions.






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